Shabbos Shel Achdus FAQ’s

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Shabbos Shel Achdus:

  • What is this Shabbos Shel Achdus all about?

The Shabbos Shel Achdus is a once a year event when Pirchei’s from different cities get together for a Shabbos and get to know other boys. Over the course of the Shabbos, there is a lot of Achdus on display.

  • What do the boys gain from such a Shabbos?

Any boy that has gone to the Shabbos Shel Achdus can tell you how geshmak it is. From the trip on Friday afternoon, the Davening, Seudos, dancing by the Melave Malka, etc.  Just last year alone, all the branch directors from the different cities were saying how the boys couldn’t stop talking about the Shabbos Shel Achdus for weeks.

  • Will my son be put up with other boys?

Yes. No boy will be put up alone in a house.

  • Who will he be put up with?

Each boy can request other boys to be put up with (If more than 1 boy is requested, we can only guarantee 1).

  • My son was never in Scranton before. How will he know the way around?

Whenever the boys will have to go out, chaperones will bring them. We don’t allow the boys to walk alone.

  • Who are the chaperones?

The chaperones are all people who are involved with our Pirchei who the boys are familiar with. They are all responsible people.

  • How are the boys getting to Scranton?

We will be taking a bus.

  • I would love to send my son, but the cost of the Shabbos is a bit much for me. Can we work something out?

We don’t want to turn any boy away from this geshmake Shabbos, so if you really cannot afford full price, call or email us and we can work it out.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at or text R’ Katz at 917-757-0657 and we will be glad to answer your questions.

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